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Insurance Claims and Storm assessments
What do I do now?

  Of course you are concerned but with our help you need not panic !  The process is usually very       simple   and easy if you take the proper steps.  Remember your insurance adjuster wants to be       fair and  accurate. You  are his  company's customer and he has a job to fulfill.  We find that           most all    adjusters  first and  foremost want to settle your claim and make sure you get proper       results according to your  policy.  Remember that insurance companies sell and service many        different types of coverage.  You  should  check your policy yearly and make sure you are up to      date.  Make sure that you have the  proper amount  of  coverage based upon the value of your        home.
   We are not in business with the insurance companies--we purchase insurance just like you.
   No roofing company can get you more money than you have coming.  Those that claim they can    get you special treatment are not being honest with you.  What a certified  professional roofing        company can do is make sure nothing is missed on your claim.  The experienced professional        will make a    very detailed inspection and provide you with an itemized list of damages.  Another    thing a professional 
   company can do is help you file for recoverable depreciation plus notify the adjuster of  hidden       damages which are uncovered when removing the damaged materials.  This is a very simple
  step that we take for you.  Documentation, meeting adjusters, and making sure you get the             proper settlement.

 1.  Your first step is to your insurance provider and report your claim
 2.  Next call to get a detailed itemized scope of the damaged from recommended LLC company
 3.  You are responsible to mediate damages--What does that mean---If you have damages which
     are not immediately protected further damages may not be covered.  In other words you cannot
     let the damages continue to increase.  
     Again, that is where we come in.  We can do this for you.  This is a very important step for you
     to take--You do not want someone trying to prevent further damages actually creating more
 4.  Your adjuster will give you a print out of the damages, costs, and issue you a check--however 
     most companies will not pay you in full at that time.  You have ACV  --recoverable depreciation 
     which will be paid to you after you have proof of the damages actually being repaired or                 replaced.
 5. If you choose not to replace all of the damages--of course that is your money but legally                 cannot
     be paid for actual work that is not done.  Some roofers might try to give you paper work to get
     that monies but they are breaking the law and you are involved.  We recommend that you              never try to do this.
  6.  We recommend that you do not pay for the repairs until you are fully satisfied.  Do not spend
     the insurance money and realize that you cannot pay for the contracted work.  This happens
     very often.  Remember do not count your chickens before they hatch is good advise.
  7.  Any roofing company or general contractor that requires money up front is not  a good                    practice  for you the home owner.  That company should have the monies to pay for                        everything involved to complete the contract.
  8.  Make sure that you have proof of the roofer's insurance, a lien waiver release, and a written 
      warranty before you pay them in full.  It is not uncommon for home owners to end up paying
      for a job twice.
 .    During all of this process--this is the best time to upgrade your home improvement products.
      You can increase the value of your home and enjoy special products at the same time.

    Lastly:  Do not be afraid to ask questions, compare any and all estimates or proposals.                      Be sure You understand what you are getting for your hard earned money
                Call now for information with no obligations   417 725-4153